Monday, December 10, 2007

Zero Three

I was just a spectator to this dream.
It unfolded just like a movie.
Get some popcorn, sit back and enjoy the show.

Dream: 03
Date: December 10th, 2007

Southern Arizona, in the desert near some mountains that weren’t too tall.
A husband and wife in their late-30's ran a school for blind kids.
Their over-weight daughter of about 18 years of age was among the students.
The school had a marching band.
The blind kids could play their instruments and march
down a big, wide, flat dirt road, where there were no obstacles to hit or trip over.

Their daughter played a big, worn brass tuba.
it’s a heavy instrument and she could carry it better than the other, younger kids.

The couple had a small Chihuahua dog

They fed it some kind of kibbles and bits that didn’t require refrigeration.
They took out the little inch-long sausages that were in the dog food and threw them into a huge five-gallon earthenware pot that was light gray in color.
It had white edges.
They gave the dog the rest of each package - the long, skinny pieces.

Two bearded men on motorcycles in their twenties came rolling in and stayed for a few days
The couple took them in and fed them.
(The first one was at least 27 and the second one was younger, around 24 or so.)

The older of the two bikers made fun of the blind kids and left after only a few days.
The second one started to hang out with the over-weight daughter.
They talked a lot about serious things.
The parents knew it was going on, but permitted it to happen.

The over-weight daughter started falling in love with the biker.
(Or, so she thought.)
But he wasn't in love with her.
He was just passing through.

The wife had a thing for the biker, too, and she decided to leave with him.
(Or so she mistakenly thought was going to happen.)

She was waiting for him, just up the road in a roadside cafe at a four-way intersection.
The biker came speeding through on his way out of town.
She looked out the window and saw him and that he was leaving without her.
Just at that moment, he came roaring straight up to the intersection, facing toward you and I, the viewers, with the cafe on the left facing the road that ran left and right.
The biker turned to go to the right at the intersection, but was

hit and killed by a big, old truck

that was coming from his left and our right.
It killed him immediately.

The husband heard the accident and came up to check on it.
He saw his wife there and knew what her intentions had been.
Nothing was said about it, but they went back home to lead their lives.
Both knowing that she had wanted to leave him behind:
(indent)with the cares of the blind school,
(indent)their daughter and their old life,
(indent)while she left with the young kid and a new life.

The blind kids were marching down the dirt road, practicing.
The parents were waiting for their daughter to finish and get back home
before they told her about the accident.
There the dream ended.
What a great story for a movie, huh?

The credits could scroll upward,
over the blind kids marching and playing in their very unpolished manner.
Hello, Hollywood?