Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Zero Five

Here's another one where I was myself.
And I was on vacation again.

Dream: 05
Date: June 20th, 2009

It started at an average-sized, single-story motel in Mexico.
Or rather, it was in Guatemala.
Well.... it was like this:

My mother and a girl-friend of hers had one room,
and myself and my roommate had another room.
The motel was situated such that it was split between the two countries.
My mother's room was in Mexico....
and mine was in Guatemala.
Weird, but there you have it.

But, that's not the really weird part....

My roommate was Fidel Castro!

(Let that soak in for a few seconds)

For some reason, he was being given a new identity and a chance to move to the United States. And for some reason, he was with me.
I was being nice to him, but he was kind of grouchy about the whole thing.
He wouldn't let me place my suitcase on his bed, which was next to the dresser, so that I could unpack my clothes easier.
Actually, he wasn't much of a roommate.

Later on....

We were all going out for some lunch and stopped at a buffet. Since we were in Mexico, it featured Spanish food.
I was going to choose the items which would allow me to make my own burritos.
I happen to love burritos.
The line was congested and so we got at the tail end of it, Fidel and I.
It was then I noticed that the restaurant had a guest book to sign.
I noticed that Fidel hadn't signed it....
for some reason he was going under the name of Buddy....
and I reminded him that he had to sign it using his alias.
Fidel said:
"I'm not signing that."
I guess he didn't like the name that had been chosen as his alias.

We finally got through the line and just as I was about to....
assemble my burritos....
a loud vehicle went past my house and woke me up.

I never did get to find out what Fidel thought of the restaurant!
And, then when I woke up, I had a craving for burritos.
Go figure!