Friday, November 9, 2007

Zero Two

Sometimes I am me in my dreams. Sometimes I am not.
This was one of those times when I was seeing through the eyes of someone else.

Dream: 02
Date: December 3rd, 1995

The person who I inhabited went to see a baseball game at Busch Stadium, in St. Louis.
Standing in a long line to enter.
V.I.P. in "their" office called me in and asked if I/not I could make a lemon chiffon cake for "them."
It was for a special occasion and I/not I had 20 minutes. Could I/not I do it?
I/not I said yes.
"They" took me to a fully stocked and functional kitchen inside the stadium.
I/not I got to work.

There was a door marked Bent Space.

Through this door, which led to another place in the universe, I/not I found a cake already made.
A blue chiffon cake.
I/not I took it back to "them" and they liked it even more than a lemon chiffon cake.
End of dream.
It was at this moment that my alarm went off.
I wonder what happened to the cake?

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