Saturday, March 8, 2008

Zero Four

I was a traveller in a foreign country.
On a vacation.
It went just like this....

Dream: 04
Date: February 9th, 2005

I was travelling in a foreign country, most likely a Pan -American country.
They had a military dictator-type leader
He arrested me and 20 or 30 other tourists.
We were sent by train to a prison.
It was located in the interior of the country.
We had to ride along on tracks that were raised off the ground


bordered the edge of a big river.
It must have been an automated train, because there weren’t any guards to watch over us.

We couldn’t open the doors to escape.

Well, I had the idea to leap out the windows and land in safety in the river.
I convinced everyone else to follow me.
We did so and got away.
From then on, we started to survive and built a small community along the river’s banks.
We must have chosen a place too far along the river to jump,
for just around the bend from where we were located,
there was a huge building on the banks of the river.

It was 6 or 7 massive stories high and turned out to be some kind of government building.
There was a post office inside it with


of people native to the country going in and out it.
I devised some kind of plan to go in it which involved
catching a wild turkey,
plucking it’s feathers,
and finding some way to make it look like it had been mailed to me, by stamping it with ink.
(Or what appeared to be ink.)
Everyone with me swam a lot in the river.

I swam across the river and went inside the post office.
I tried to convince somebody inside the building that I had been mailed the turkey.
(Why, I don’t know.)
Something happened....
I was recognized as an escaped prisoner

The people started running wild and taking all the packages for themselves.

I was trying to say I’d received the turkey wrongly
I was trying to exchange it for another package
one that would help us escapees to survive better.
But, when I went to the bin where they kept the packages,
by the time I got there,
they had all been taken by the fleeing peasants.

I dived for the water and headed back to where my fellow escaped tourist companions awaited.

It was there that I woke up.

There is no complaint department to ask where I come up with these strange and somewhat ridiculous, (at times), dreams.
But, if you leave a comment, I'll try to answer specific points....
Such as what might have caused the dream....

If possible.

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